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The Computer Science Games are a collegiate competition that includes challenges from all aspects of computing.

The Games are a weekend long thrill ride with logic puzzles, difficult algorithms, intense video game competitions, social activities, and of course, programming. Organized by students from different university every year, the CS Games is open to all undergraduate students.

CSGames 2023

MARCH 17TH, 2023


Earth, our home, has been heavily polluted over the past decades by greedy corporations who only desire wealth and power. Society turned to visionnaires who directed the world's gaze to the stars as our only means of escape. Full of promises, Earth’s inhabitants backed these visionnaires in the hopes that we could leave before it was too late and secure a future for the generations to come. Governments spent all their budgets on funding their visions, people worked day and night to build their rockets, spaceports were constructed and everything was going according to plan. Humanity would have a future among the stars.

Alas, their hope was misplaced. It was discovered far too late that only the richest amongst us, the ones who created the problem in the first place, would benefit from this solution and have the opportunity to leave the very planet they polluted. The governments of Earth's nations fell and these same corporations held all the power as the world's inhabitants kept working for them in the hope of securing a place on one of their rockets. All seemed lost for the population of Earth…

Refusing to give up on our planet and its inhabitants, a group of universities teamed up to search for a new solution. A solution to not only save the world's inhabitants but also their home as well, earth. Going through the various studies and research done by each university that wasn’t directed towards the stars, they stumbled across the solution in the world's most overlooked resource: Water.

More specifically, underwater. The creation of vast underwater cities would allow humanity to survive while allowing the planet above to heal for our eventual return to the surface. The search has begun within the universities to recruit those with the skills to create the technology for bright, green, serene and peaceful cities that will allow us to live below the surface. The race is on to create these cities and the first has been named: Atlantis.

COUNTDOWN TO THE 2023 competition